I found the Retreat Day well organised and very well facilitated by Jen George and Lyndal Tait from Comcorp.

Dr George was very well prepared with an organised pre-event survey and a good working knowledge of the issues requiring discussion.

The pre-event survey allowed for an honest and private expression of affirmations and concerns of every individual – making the expression of opinions both equal and representative.

A well prepared analysis of the pre survey results allowed for efficient representation of issues at the start of the day.

A positive start was helpful. Jen was able to draw out the positives in the schools and our common desire to support them. This was an excellent foundation before engaging in problem solving.

The style of discussion and use of lists and post it notes ensured that all participants whether reserved or outspoken, had their opinion tabled (even the person on the phone). I believe this was a very professional and collaborative way to conduct the discussion.