Cohesive School Communities – Video Competition 2020-2021

Comcorp in collaboration with McCrindle Research and the Education Future Forum presents:

Share your digital story of a cohesive community project

This video competition is for the best examples of cohesive communities collaborating in schools. Your video should tell the story of a project of the collaborations of your school (or teacher) with community partners towards better school outcomes. All NSW schools are eligible, and all ages of students (from Kindergarten to Year 12) are welcome to participate.

The intention for the competition is to create a portfolio of videos showcasing Australian school community projects, to analyse and share best practice and to improve Australian communities and Australian education. For more information, please email (at)

The projects

The submitted videos should present a project that includes:

  • A group of students, teachers and at least one other partner (non-school) organisation working in collaboration towards improving school outcomes.
  • A full narration from various project partners (including a written script) of the project, including:
    • the project origins
    • project partners
    • project goals
    • project execution
    • benefits to partners
    • challenges and refinement
  • A comment on the best feature of the project
  • Images or video and partner input

Three categories for entry

  • Cohesive communities toward wellbeing
  • Cohesive communities toward better teaching and learning
  • Cohesive communities towards productive partnerships


$500 cash prize for overall best video.

The three category winners will have their video shown at the 2021 Education Future Forum (EFF) conference, date to be confirmed.

The first 15 submissions will receive a complementary ticket to the 2021 EFF conference.

Assessment criteria

Submissions will be assessed on:

  • The nature of long-term community partnerships developed, and quality of those relationships
  • Benefits measured and reported for the school and other project participants
  • Challenges associated with the project
  • Originality and creativity of the project
  • Production quality of the video and communication

Submission details

Submitted videos should be a minimum of 2 minutes and maximum of 3 minutes in length, in MP4 or MOV format, at HD (1280×720) or Full HD resolution (1920×1080, preferred). You may also upload the submission privately to a video sharing site (like Youtube or Vimeo) and include a direct link in the submission.

All submissions must be entirely original, and by making a submission you are agreeing that all applicable copyright law has been adhered to and that the necessary consent has been obtained for any students or other individuals appearing in the video footage.

By making a submission you are granting Comcorp a license to show the submission at the EFF 2020 breakfast, and to reference and use the contents of the submission for academic and research purposes.

Expressions of interest

Please use the form below to indicate your interest in the competition and to receive a phone call from Comcorp with more information. Instructions for video submissions and other information will also be sent via email.