Why Comcorp?


Two communities are never the same. That’s why spending time to develop a unique understanding of your community can enable previously unrealised benefits through its people, joining together for a purpose and sharing their passion and skills. By creating partnerships, sharing expertise and building mutual respect much more can be achieved towards the community good. Comcorp brings over 20 years of expertise and experience to this understanding through an authentic relational approach to community understanding and community building.

Comcorp provides strategies and step by step action plans to achieve:

  • Positive partnerships with key stakeholders
  • Citizen engagement towards community good
  • Shared mission visioning and capacity development
  • Best practice community governance
  • Board and leadership development
  • Community driven place making
  • Sustainable development outcomes
  • Environmental planning and design

Informed by the latest international research and best practice in sustainability and community engagement and governance, Comcorp custom designs an approach for your context and your community. Comcorp is pleased to partner with and support not for profit organisations including schools, churches, community groups, and local and state government and to work positively alongside your organisation and its community and partners.

Consider the Comcorp sustainable “slow change” approach to collaborative space and place making, stakeholder partnerships and community governance, development of holistic community strategies and/or individual projects. All initiatives aim to bring your organisation improved quadruple bottom line benefits and outcomes towards sustainability. Also importantly they build happier communities where people really feel they belong.

Our Services


  • Visioning, strategies and action plans
  • Community engagement plans
  • Educational and urban placemaking and community masterplan development
  • Aligning with your strategic partners for improved outcomes
  • Board and institutional training in community engagement
  • Partnership Portfolio development
  • Social and institutional capacity assessment and capacity building
  • Community network analysis
  • Community governance review and mentoring
  • Quadruple bottom line reporting
  • Organisational training for community governance and sustainability governance
  • Research and action research to support projects

Our Methods


What we do to make a difference:

  • Community health reports
  • Slow change partnering
  • Leadership support as a critical friend
  • Community workshops and public forums
  • Planning and facilitating stakeholder meetings
  • Designing, supporting and undertaking action research
  • Capacity assessments
  • Academic lectures and public speaking
  • Organisation training and board training
  • Governance gap analysis and capacity building
  • Sustainability gap analysis and capacity building
  • Community gap analysis and capacity building
  • Place and space gap analysis and capacity building
  • Community hub development
  • Developing sustainable community engagement, custodianship, leadership and governance
  • Authentic community based place-making

Our Projects and Collaborations

  • Strategising and enabling of volunteer partnerships in a large Independent school community in Northern Perth
  • Community farmers market development and launch – school/church and community in Northern Perth
  • Community engagement plan for a large independent school in Sydney using the slow change approach
  • Community engagement for master planning and place making in Bunbury, WA with Local Council
  • Stakeholder collaborations, workshops and capacity building towards better school spaces and places in Perth
  • Action research, capacity building and critical friend role for team leading sustainable governance of a large multi-jurisdictional green infrastructure project in Sydney
  • Critical friend role in community engagement in a large independent school in Sydney


  • Experiential learning to fill the gaps between theory and practice in education
  • Community engagement in schools and the educational village
  • Community governance of green infrastructure
  • Action research for sustainable governance for Sydney’s Inner West GreenWay
  • Planning for sustainable governance

Our Ethical Approach

Comcorp integrates the community and the corporation, joining a social purpose with business methods. Comcorp is a social enterprise, also referred to as the fourth sector, which means we exist to promote positive social and environmental change. We operate with a larger than normal pro bono component, aimed at supporting grassroots communities that cannot afford to pay for our expertise. We also support several charities and social and environmental projects with our expertise and action.