Experiential Learning School Comcorp Partnership

Comcorp staff share expertise in school partnership projects

As a place planner (landscape architect, planner and community engagement expert) the offer was made to the school my child attended to share in a session of learning.  It is a PYP school and partnering with others is often embraced if it fits with curriculum and timetabling.  With open minds, I was allocated two hours and close to 100 Yr five boys to engage in the teaching of the HSIE unit on communities by designing a community park. To achieve this, I ran a simulation of a “real-life” community workshop with the boys allocated roles of the many stakeholders, the community and the designers.  It was interacting, fun and rewarding for all.  According to feedback from the boys 87% would like more learning like this.  This type of experiential partnered learning is consistent with the “Collaborative Educational Village” that I presented on at the Education Future Forum (2019 and 2020) and hope to continue to encourage for its many benefits (George 2017).

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