St Andrew’s Cathedral Garden – DA Approved!

“For over two decades, the south east corner of the Cathedral grounds has sat behind hoardings as a vacant building and junk site.

Under the leadership of our previous Dean, Archbishop Kanishka, and by the dedicated guidance of Dr Jen George of Comcorp, we have a great design that reflects extensive community consultation. By pro bono donation several hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of time and expertise from consulting, planning, design and building professionals, we have the DA. We are now seeking quotes for the work. 

This green space will be open for use by the community across much of the week, in our historic civic precinct. It will be a rare, deep-soil garden with mature trees bringing nature back to the Sydney CBD.

It will be a place of meeting and resting, of story-telling and hospitality. And it will be an excellent learning space for the school children of our neighbouring Gawura and Cathedral Schools.”

Dr Jen George would like to thank all of the professional partners who have been involved in this ongoing project pro bono

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