i4Give Day 2024

“Most people highly value forgiveness. Religions advocate it. Talk-show hosts advise it. Yet, despite all this positive attention, most people struggle to forgive.”

E. Worthington – The Science of Forgiveness.

Today is i4give day – 1st Feb

It is a day of remembrance for the lives of four precious children that were tragically lost on the 1st February, 2020. It is also a day to embrace the universal good of forgiveness – a life giving concept celebrated by the i4Give Foundation – for which Dr Jen George is a passionate advocate, and which she wrote about in this recent article.

It has been a privilege for Dr Jen to work closely with Danny and Leila Abdallah over the past four years as they established i4Give, a foundation dedicated to promoting the freedom and power that comes with forgiveness and sharing the flow on effects of love, empathy, and unity. Rather than succumbing to anger and resentment, the family chose to advocate for positive change and healing through the transformative power of forgiveness. This choice rocked the nation and rallied support from passionate local community members, clubs, schools, churches, corporations and government to generate massive cultural change.

In a poignant moment of reflection and remembrance, this coming Saturday Feb 3, 2024, the Abdallah and Sakr Memorial Garden in Oatlands is set to be unveiled. This marks a significant step in the healing process for a community that has faced an unimaginable tragedy. The memorial honouring the lives of Antony, Angelina, and Sienna Abdallah, and their cousin Veronique Sakr, stands as tangible reminder of the enduring power of forgiveness and the strength of a community determined to rise above adversity.

Comcorp is proud to support the i4Give Foundation as it continues to raise awareness of “the power of forgiveness to transform human relationships and to provide resilience toward human flourishing”. Resources on forgiveness and information concerning partnerships with and donations to this important work are available on the Foundation’s website.

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